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When you consider the cost of your table and the fact that it will likely last a lifetime; it is one of the best purchases you can ever make.  The only thing that can really go wrong is allowing someone who claims to be a Professional mover to actually move your table without having the proper tools\experience to do so.

       From the Moving Truck                               Resting Boards for Protection                             To final install

           Many "FLY by Night" operators are merely just that.  Many fail to even have the proper tools to move your table SAFELY.  Relocating\Setting up pool tables is a Specialty Business and therefor the REAL POOL TABLE businesses understand the need for specialty Tools that are required.  
                                           Ask them for their License Number to see if they really are in Business

         Specialty Tools Used by Professionals 
Machinist Levels- preferably more than one. These are accurate to 5/1000 of an inch. BEWARE of someone only using a Carpenter level as they are considered by most in the Business a ROOKIE and NOT a PRO!  Machinist levels allow your table slate to be leveled to the specifications upon which it was made.  A carpenter level would be level across the Grand Canyon on either side but detect nothing between for example. SLATE is NOT FLAT!  You are hiring a PRO to make sure it is shimmed flat and then at the same time balanced.

                Various types of Machinists Levels used                   Custom 5 x 10 GC Frame being rough leveled

Pneumatic\Electric Stapler - as someone who is actually in the business full time you would expect them to afford tools that make their job easier and that reduce repetitive injury type functions.  Most Pro's use one of these two types.  Some tables require the use of GLUE to adhere the cloth to the slate. Spray glue is most commonly used.  Glues have odors and should only be used in well ventilated areas. Specialty glues NOT sold in retail stores that are applied with a roller can be extremely DANGEROUS and you should be made aware of that before anyone uses them in your home.  If you see glue coming out of an  Unmarked JAR you should inquire why it is NOT labeled properly?  MSDS  Material Safety DATA SHEETS are mandated for personal protection.  Marking containers is mandatory and if they are NOT its your first clue that you don't have a real PRO. Ask them if there are any hazards associated with the glue.  Do you have small children, Pregnant etc.  Be Careful!  This is the main reason a PRO will require to do some of the work  such as replacing cushions off location, its better for you!

                                                                   Many Tables are moved Easily and Safely

Material Handling Equipment- AS slate is heavy and difficult to move you EXPECT a Professional to afford a product that insures your table is moved as SAFELY as possibly both for the table's protection as well as others concerned in the operation of the task of moving it.  You just purchased a NEW Table and its delivered with chips in the SLATE.  WOULD you like dents in your NEW CAR?  Lack of SAFETY is evident in this industry and until recently there hasn't been a sound alternative to existing methods.  Carrying slate or the ability to roll it? which is SMARTER, SAFER etc?   Make sure your company has PROPER EQUIPMENT such as www.otlvise.com
This will insure your slate is handled in a SAFER Manner and avoids getting chipped as with existing methods. It will demonstrate that moving the slate is EASY and SAFE which protects you.  Would you really like to see someone get hurt in your home because they didn't have the proper equipment and carried the slate.  Are they really in business but can't afford a small investment to protect your slate as well as themselves?  If they can't afford it ask yourself a question why?  is it because they know more than a Doctor, they don't need it? 

VISIT the Contact Page to see by State who has the NEWEST and BEST Tools.   There is a better way and Pro's realize that. This is a NEW tool (OTLVISE)that many Vendors will be unaware of.  Inform them about if they don't have one and you will likely be saving them Problems and making them a more Professional entity to do business with.